About Arjon…

Arjon Crawford is a licensed clinical social worker, practicing social work since 2011, certified yoga instructor and certified Reiki practitioner with several years of experience in clinical and creative wellness work. Arjon’s creative nature and great empathy were driving factors in her desire to expand her knowledge of mind-body connectivity, and the importance of self care in addressing mental health concerns. With a vast knowledge of clinical skills and wellness approaches including holistic methods, mindfulness, and physical activity, Arjon has been able to support the therapeutic care of individuals, groups and families by creating safe and healthy spaces for healing. By utilizing many of the above methods in conjunction with each other, Arjon has been able to support clients in addressing their day to day challenges and develop strong coping skills to manage ongoing stressors.

Arjon’s knowledge of organizational needs and consultant expertise stems from her experience as a training facilitator, director and coach to senior management to frontline staff in nonprofit and governmental organizations. This experience has deepened her understanding and interest in the development of staff to successfully perform their jobs through increased staff morale, emphasis and encouragement of self-care, wellness, and critical thinking. By supporting the development of staff in these areas, organizations are also able to decrease staff retention through increased staff buy-in. Arjon’s ability to assess and develop training to meet the developmental needs of an organization such as employee orientation, cultural competency, core values, organizational ethics and wellness workshops has shown to be an asset to efforts made to improve an organization’s culture.

When Arjon is not working as a clinician or consultant, she designs custom handmade healing jewelry, made with love and good intentions (check out the Instagram page @arjoncrawforddesigns).